About the Demo

This demo demonstrates how CoralMe can be integrated to any application through the JSON-RPC protocol.

In this short demo, you will be helping segmenting a whole image in less than 20 seconds (with a bit of practice)

Simply click define a central point, Expand to make a circle of interest and click again.
Don't forget to press "Esc" before you start segmenting another specie


1 - Segmentation

  1. Click the image at the middle of the region to be selected
  2. Drag the cursor to the desired radius, then click again.
  3. Right click to move a blob.
  4. If no blob is selected, right clicking will select the nearest blob.
  5. Press escape to clear current selection. Next blob created will be part of a new group.
  6. Press DELETE to remove the selected blob.
Server working:

2 - Annotation

Click on the markers bellow to label the regions.

The default annotation model (used in this demo) supports the following labels: 

Image part of the Moorea Labeled Corals dataset: Edmunds, P of Moorea Coral Reef LTER. 2015. MCR LTER: Coral Reef: Computer Vision: Multi-annotator Comparison of Coral Photo Quadrat Analysis. knb-lter-mcr.5013.3